At Paul Halajian Architects we value collaboration, our clients, each other, the Valley, and the pursuit of good architecture. Good architecture does not come easy. To design really great buildings, there must be a robust exploration of ideas and potential solutions so that the ultimate design rises to the top and becomes apparent; not only to the architects but more importantly to our clients.

We work within the project constraints - applying materials and systems that make the most sense given the program, budget, schedule and code requirements.  We do not promote one style or approach to architecture.  We believe that successful design must be a direct response to the idiosyncrasies of each site, each client, each program, and the spirit of the times in which we live.

Our office exemplifies our values - an open studio with no doors to separate us from each other. This arrangement promotes the best ideas and focuses the strength of the entire team on each project. It is unique to find this depth of experience, education, and design talent in a small firm.  And it is unique to find a small firm this dedicated to each project – each client. We plan to keep things open, nimble, and innovative. We are about the details, continual improvement, keeping current, and working with those who build. We are about a long list of happy clients.

To hone our craft as architects we look beyond ourselves through travel, literature, art and critical evaluation of our work.  Engagement in our community is lived out by involvement with efforts to improve the cultural, social, and physical context of Fresno. We love our work. We love Architecture.



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