Community Spaces

PLACES OF WORSHIP: Lord of Life Lutheran Church | Clovis, CA | Unbuilt

With a seating capacity of 250 this 8,000 square foot multi-purpose building on a 10.27 acre site was to be the first phase of a long-range master plan for a growing church in Clovis, California. The phased master plan called for future facilities including a Sanctuary, Classroom building, Pre-school, and Gymnasium.  This first phase Multi-purpose Building included spaces for Worship, Christian Education, and Administration and was specifically designed to foster a strong sense of unity. Each space was conceived to support not only its intended use, but a secondary use as well. The design was informed by the architecture of the early Lutheran Church by development of a vertically oriented dramatic worship space. A free standing octagonal colonnade that separates circulation from worship suggests the idea of worship in a “tabernacle.”  Flexibility and efficiency were accomplished in the plan by surrounding the central space with classrooms, offices, and child care facilities.  Alcoves occur at three corners of the worship space for overflow seating or informal fellowship.  A generous top lit volume that focused on the act of worship was the focal point of the architectural composition.


(Architect of Record: Taylor Group Architects)



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