Living Spaces

MULTI-FAMILY HOUSING: Fig Garden Duplexes | Fresno, CA | Unbuilt

The duplexes at Fig Garden are located at a nexus between commercial development and an eclectic mix of housing types and styles.  The site layout and duplex configuration are designed to present a medium density development as a grouping of single family dwellings to the community in an attempt to better reflect the surrounding context.  Rather than simply mirroring the dwelling unit plan to create the duplex, the plan was mirrored once again in the opposite axis so that from one side of the duplex you experience both the front of one unit and the rear of the other unit, creating a nice massing variation in the duplexes that present to the street.  All units are oriented off a central drive, and the property will include a shared green space centered around an existing camphor tree.


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