Living Spaces

SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCE: Bluff Custom Residence | Fresno, CA | Built

Situated on a bluff overlooking the San Joaquin River in Fresno County, this residence is designed to highlight the sightlines into the river bluff from the common spaces on the ground floor and the primary living spaces on the second floor.  Featuring several custom details such as a pronounced fascia with integral hidden gutter that accentuate the horizontal orientation, double wall construction which allows for deep niches at the openings, highlighted with honed stone trim that gives the project a subtle Usonian flare.  The residence will complete the third phase of the client’s vision for this site – the prior two phases having provided a gatehouse clad in reclaimed cedar siding and a series of landscaped “outdoor rooms,” gardens, and pool area. The architecture reflects the expansive character of the site dominated by broad views of the sky above and river below. The plan of the residence is organized along a main east/west axis that serves as the circulation spine off of which are the living spaces. The two-story mass of the residence with single story wings formed by guest quarters and a garage create a welcoming forecourt at the entrance.  A Library, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and Nook capture views of the San Joaquin River and are arranged in an enfilade sequential arrangement in which spaces are centered on one another. The circulation axis is maintained on the second floor.  All bedrooms will enjoy river views and breezes.  Broad overhangs, double wall construction, and a raised floor system will ensure energy efficiency and comfort with little reliance on mechanical systems during the hot summer months.


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