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PLACES OF WORSHIP: College Community Church Mennonite Brethren | Clovis, CA | Built

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Long held traditions of worship and a desire to create sacred space in which to worship guided the design of this new 300 seat sanctuary.  The site has been master planned around a circular worship space designed in the 1960’s to respond to Mennonite notions of equality among all worshipers and reinforce a sense of community in worship.  Preparation for worship begins along the path from arrival on site to taking a seat.  A sense of mystery is created by the entry sequence through a courtyard and passage through the lobby, narthex, and one of two entry vestibules that align with a metaphorical axis to the outside world or to a Memorial Garden.  Built-in benches at the perimeter of the Sanctuary provide a space for fellowship and casual conversation.  The benches along the west provide connection to the street and the bench along the east provides connection to the Memorial Garden. An Administrative Office Wing is connected to the Sanctuary and a separate structure under cover of the main building will house a dedicated space for High School Youth Group, a kitchen, and toilets. A second phase Social Hall is planned.


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