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MONUMENT: Armenian Genocide Monument | Fresno, CA | Built

On the centennial anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, a monument is being dedicated to those who lost their lives both within the Armenian community and in genocides across the world. The materiality expresses location and emotion through tufa stone, imported from regions in Armenia where genocide occurred. "Béton brut" concrete is left exposed and rough, symbolizing the uncomfortability of genocide as a world event. Nine pillars represent the various areas of genocide, including the six Vilayets of historic Armenia, Cilicia, Diaspora, and Republic. Their heights range from fifteen to nineteen feet, representative of the year 1915. Concrete pillars are connected with a perforated metal halo, lit from within, and the metal shroud continues down the face of the pillars. Below, water runs down the pillar face, disappearing into the ground plane. This abstract monument is a place where visitors reflect on the cruelty of genocide, serving as a symbol to the commitment to preserving the human right of life.


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