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HIGHER EDUCATION: Physical Therapy and Intercollegiate Athletics | California State University, Fresno | Built

The program for the new Physical Therapy and Intercollegiate Athletics Building calls for two separate, unrelated components. The ground floor of this 22,500 square foot building will house the Physical Therapy Department Office, twelve Faculty Offices, two large Research Labs, and a Graduate Conference Room. To encourage interaction and collaboration, a broad Collaboration Hallway has been designed between two banks of offices where seating will occur and gait testing can be performed and observed by students and faculty as well. The second floor of the building is dedicated to an Athletic Department for six team office suites: Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Men’s Golf, and Women’s Golf.  The second floor is accessed by way of an exterior stair and elevator lobby and will capture views of the Sierra Nevada foothills to the north and east. All offices have been designed with respect to Title 9 requirements for gender equality in collegiate athletics. A courtyard that connects the new building to the North Gymnasium Complex will create a new outdoor amenity for the academic community centered at the North Gymnasium.



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