MIXED USE: Fulton & Van Ness Multi-Family | Fresno, CA | In-Progress

The project consists of 3 live-work & 21 residential units in a mixture of single level & loft layouts on three existing neighboring lots at E. Voorman Avenue between N. Fulton Street & N. Van Ness Avenue. The units are grouped into three two-story buildings scaled to be a transition between the more urban/commercial neighborhood on the south side of E. Voorman Avenue & the more suburban/residential neighborhood to the north. The two buildings on the West lots will be centered around a landscaped courtyard with pedestrian access off of N. Fulton Street & vehicular access off of E. Voorman Avenue to the south & the alley to the east. The third building, on the East lot, will also have vehicular access off the same alley with pedestrian access from N. Van Ness Avenue that continues along a landscaped walkway through the property to also connect with the courtyard between the first two buildings.


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