Through the Eyes of an Intern at PHA

  My very own PHA mug! 

It’s a Monday morning in August and I find myself looking forward to a nice cup of coffee with the good company of my colleagues at Paul Halajian Architects. Sadly, however, this is my last week of work before I leave for Graduate School.  My experience at PHA has been one of the best experiences of my life.  Not only do I enjoy working there but I enjoy each new friend that I have made.  I feel welcome every time I walk in the door to the small but comfortable office we call PHA.  Each day is a great experience starting with a theme to our Pandora Station for the day—“Any Requests?” they range from classic rock to jazz to even dubstep.  FUN is the only word to describe the work at the office.  Memories of finding new innovative ways to retrieve your keys from inside your locked car by fitting a T-square through the window, sharing memories of a baby’s first visit to the office, group discussions around the “conference table” aka the center of the room, creating our very own revit entourage by taking pictures of ourselves, and sharing weekend stories are amongst the great memories I have. 

It is clear that we all enjoy what we do and we love to share it with each other.  Although we do have our frustrating moments with the beloved program REVIT, in the end it is a group effort and one way or another we find a solution.  It has been such a privilege to be able to work alongside such talented people who are eager to help in any way.  I have learned more from this group of people than I could have ever imagined and it excites me to know that I am doing exactly what I love--ARCHITECTURE.  What I didn’t learn in school was that architecture isn’t just about the creativity or the design it is a process of many steps from programming to the final construction and even documentation well after a project is complete.  I had the privilege to document some of the work that the staff had previously worked on.  Through the lens of my camera I was able to explore the design and urban settings of some very innovative projects in downtown Fresno.  Not only did I realize that Fresno has such a great potential for design, but I discovered places that I had never seen before. 

My colleagues at Paul Halajian Architects have not only been a great learning source they have been great friends as well.  I can only hope to create an environment as well put together, collaborative, and welcoming as the one at PHA.  You all will be greatly missed!

San Francisco here I come! 





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