Living Spaces

SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCE: Residential Gatehouse | Fresno, CA | Built

The Gatehouse project was the first phase in a two phase development of this expansive site along the bluff of the San Joaquin River in Fresno, California.  Garden and tree plantings align the long east and west boundaries of the site that begin at a drive circle between the street and the Gatehouse. The Gatehouse contains a small bathroom, work area, and open storage area. Reclaimed cedar siding, cast-in place concrete and metal roofing establish the architectural vocabulary for the overall composition. The character of the overall site is set by the materials, massing, and finishes of the Gatehouse and establish the design parameters for the future "river house" to be constructed along the bluff some one-thousand feet to the north. The careful detailing celebrates skillful carpentry and creates dialogue between the concrete columns and bulkhead wall that roots the building to the site.  A pair of trellis structures frame the street view of the Gatehouse and announce the strong axial relationship between the site and buildings to come as one makes their way through the site towards the river.


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